Riff Raff’s ‘Steph Curry McFlurry’


My portal into the world of Riff Raff was the movie “Spring Breakers” by arthouse director Harmony Korine. Due to that introduction I always thought of the Texas-based rapper as kind of a joke; James Franco’s ridiculous character was inspired by Riff Raff (and others). I always thought I was being unfair until I watched the video for “Steph Curry McFlurry.”

Half of the video is a skit, a skit based off of the fact that one of the best basketball players in the world (Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors) has a last name that rhymes with a popular fast food dessert. The first question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not this phenomenon is unique? Are there any foods that rhyme with James, Durant, Davis, Harden and Westbrook? I don’t proclaim to be a fast food expert, but several searches on the RhymeZone website yielded unimpressive results. So we must give Riff Raff credit for the nominal amount of creativity it took to come up with the phrase.

So basically Riff Raff is slanging these McFlurries out of the trunk of his car. Let’s not even get into Riff Raff’s ridiculous jewelry, hair, comb, et al. Suffice it to say they are bad. Anyway, the prospective customer approaches Riff Raff’s car; in his back pocket he has a trumpet. That’s weird, but we the audience are able to suspend our disbelief because the most unbelievable thing is that we are watching this video in the first place. The transaction happens and Riff Raff receives payment. It’s the trumpet. But wait! Master of language Riff Raff is not done delighting your ears with his delectably clever riffs (hah!) on the English language. It’s not a trumpet that he receives in payment, it’s a Donald Trumpet! Get it?! Donald Trump-et!

If you’re not on the floor laughing hysterically, presumably you either have no sense of humor or a good one. After the skit finishes the rest of the video goes down hill. Points for Riff Raff using a McFlurry as the sing-along cursor; as for his verse, it leaves something to be desired.

All in all the video is a wacky enough to watch. Plus it gives me something to do: look at fast food menus and find my next hit song.

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