“Living Single” by Big Sean


“Living Single” by Big Sean featuring Chance The Rapper and Jeremih.

I can’t promise this will be the last time I post about Big Sean. I’ve already covered his videos for “Moves” and “Bounce Back.” Both songs feature Big Sean’s laidback flow and both videos come from the psychedelic school of hip-hop video production. This latest track manages to be an ode and an elegy to single life.

Big Sean kills verses one and three. The first verse is more of the ode to bachelorhood. He’s not saying that it’s the best thing in the world, but it has its upsides: “Man, but before I started feeling bad/My ni*** text me like “I got some hoes, hit me back” F*** it.” For Big Sean it seems pretty easy to get over feeling lonely. The third verse, however, is where Big Sean gets serious. His friend is married at 24, and though Big Sean wants to view this as a mistake, he admits that he’s missing everything that his friend has. The verse is sentimental at times, but storytelling is terrific and his flow is on point.

Chance The Rapper has the second verse and basically we’ve reached the point where Chance can do no wrong. He deserves the benefit of the doubt because in most cases Chance won’t appear on a track unless it has a modicum of substance and solid production. Having fulfilled both of those criteria, Chance brings to the song his playful verse about the trials of bachelorhood. One downside from not being with someone? You don’t try new things like salad: “Baby we could play house, I’ll change your addy/Or even change my palate and f*** with salad”

Of course the real reason I like this song is its reference to the 90s sitcom “Living Single.” I didn’t even make the connection to the TV show until I heard the hook sung by Jeremih.

“Living Single” will appear on Big Sean’s upcoming album “I Decided.” The album will be out February 3rd, 2017.

All lyrics taken from Genius.


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