Geechi Suede breaks solo and releases “0.9”


Geechie Suede released his video “0.9″ from his debut studio album.

Geechi Suede is no newcomer to hip-hop. He has been part of the duo Camp Lo, along with Sonny Cheeba, for the last twenty years.

I have to admit bias right away: I’m a sucker for any hip-hop that embraces Asian culture. From the Wu-Tang Clan to MF Doom, I’m into any and all of it and in whatever quantity I can get it. I love hip-hop and I live in Asia so I think you can see the connection. From the get-go “0.9” establishes its Asian influences. Geechi Suede comes out of a flower shop (花店) rocking an Asian conical hat. Then there is a quick shot of a sign for Tsingtao beer. From there the video becomes about Geechi’s relentless flow; no complaints here. He’s good enough to have a video of him alternating outfits every few seconds while spitting bars.

Eventually Geechi Suede ends up in a Chinese restaurant drinking a glass of wine by himself. He uses his phone to call whomever has stood him up for his Chinese meal. Altogether the video doesn’t make a ton of sense, but in that way it’s kind of perfect. Geechie Suede has an eclectic flow and the video shows off his eclecticism: he’s in Chinatown in an Asian conical hat, but he’s also in a beret with a suede jacket and beaded necklace, or on a bridge dancing in a button-up while wielding daggers. Geechi Suede is a man of many styles.

Add to those styles soloist. As previously stated Geechi Suede had been making music with Sonny Cheeba for twenty years. 2016, however, marked the year in which Geechi branched out and took a turn at making a solo album. “0.9 NyteLife FM” is Geechi’s debut solo album. It was released on December 2, 2016.

For those who are lamenting the halcyon days of Camp Lo, fear not. The duo also released a tape of rarities called “On the Way Uptown.” You can listen to it here.


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