A late video for “Oh My Dis Side”


Travis Scott released a video for “Oh My Dis Side” featuring Quavo.

The track is from Travis Scott’s 2015 album “Rodeo.” That was Scott’s debut solo album. It’s a little strange that he released this song off of an old album especially since he released “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” in 2016.  The song features Quavo, a member of the hip-hop group Migos.

The opening of the video for “Oh My Dis Side” manages to take two annoying tropes and mash them together. On “dis side” we have the artsy trope: black and white coloring, horses racing across a barren plain, aerial tracking shots, etc. On the other side we have the generic-hip-hop trope: a concert, a gun, baggies of drugs, a shot of a courthouse that is also the same as the aerial tracking shot (BONUS!), etc. Around halfway through the video we go from black and white to color, seemingly signifying that we are getting to the good side, the successful side. This is a nice visual cue. Additionally, the video has good direction and looks good. However, it could have been much better had they been more stylistically consistent and had a clearer vision of what they were trying to say in the video.

The song itself has some strong emotion. For the most part Scott raps, or rap-sings with Quavo, about the difficulties of growing up on, presumably, the wrong side of the tracks. Drug use and drug selling are prominently discussed. Quavo has the last verse and he reiterates the theme of the song with the first lines of his verse: “Young rich ni*** from the north side/Paid my dues on dis side/Flipping up bricks on dis side/I made it out the hood, I’m on the other side.

“Oh My Dis Side” can be streamed on Soundcloud or Spotify or to see the video click on the player above.

All lyrics were taken from Genius.


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