EDM is off to a great start in 2017. Snakehips and MØ dropped a new song together this week. The track is simply titled “Don’t Leave.”

MØ, who is most famous for her 2015 collaboration with Major Lazer and DJ Snake on “Lean On,” consistently teased singles throughout 2016. Of those singles, “Final Song” received quite a bit of attention and was remixed by a handful of DJs, including Diplo.

This time the Danish singer teamed up with British producers Snakehips, who are planning to release an album later this year.

The song is a lover’s plea to her leaving boyfriend. It’s not the typical subject matter featured in an electronic dance track, which are usually more upbeat. But it’s a golden track and a standout tune for the New Year.

The track features soft synths that build up into hip pop style backbeats that support MØ’s begging vocal strains. What’s perhaps the most enjoyable thing about this track is MØ’s ability to capture emotional desperation in the lyrics and vocals.

Though she tells us she “may not ever get her sh*t together” in the track, as far as we’re concerned, MØ does a solid job of convincing us to stay and wait for more music.

Watch the lyric video here.


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