A combination of disco era vocals shimmer over tropical trumpet beats that ooze modern soul. It’s a sound that Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners have mastered almost by accident on the “This Girl” remix. The bizarre band names might leave you scratching your head but this summery tune will have you bopping it. But the vintage influences on “This Girl” are clear not only in its sonic composition but also lyrically.

One is reminded of the 1987 Patrick Dempsey flick “Can’t Buy Me Love” in the opening lines which juxtapose the themes of money and love while stating that the latter will always trump monetary gain and material goods.

“Money rains from the sky above but keep the change ’cause I’ve got enough. A little time and some tenderness. You’ll never buy my love!”

Remixed by 19-year-old French DJ Kungs in 2016, the original version of “This Girl” was released in 2009. The original was the product of Australian funk band Cookin’ on 3 Burners. A quick listen to the original and you would’ve never predicted that an EDM remix would come out of it, but its unexpectedness is perhaps what makes it that much more of an earworm.

Once again, EDM masterminds are doing something that the many arenas of our lives are failing to do: unite the old and the young. A taste of oldies style is making its way into the genre of thumping beats and club bangers, inviting a new generation to experience the classics while creating new ones. “This Girl” is no exception to this phenomenon. In fact, it might be the leader of it.

Listen to this jam here.


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