“For Me+You”, released on December 30, 2016, was definitely worth the wait. It portrays the new and advanced voice of Austin Mahone. He has always been the best, but now he is even better.

Austin has made quite a comeback from his previous years. He’s made it pretty far in the music industry in such a short time. It seems as if he was still making covers to songs just yesterday. This eight track album definitely shows that there is a different side to him. Comparing songs on this track to his first hit single, “Mmm Yeah,” he has made an incredible amount of growth. His voice even sounds different. More mature and more sincere. There is both a fun side and a serious love side to his music. He’s pretty darn impressive.

The album’s lead song, “Love at Night,” has to be the best song on the album. They are all good, but if having to rate them, “Love at Night” would be number one. With 24,458 views on YouTube, it is definitely worth the listen. I’m surprised that the song is not quite popular yet. I’d give it just a few more weeks. With its upbeat background music and smooth vocals, you will instantly fall in love with the song. Though it is kind of repetitive, it is still good and that is all that matters. Ending the year 2016 with such a great album, I wonder what is in store for him and his fans in 2017.

Check out “Love at Night” here.


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