Felix Snow (feat. Icona Pop)- “Windows”


Icona Pop teamed up with producer Felix Snow on “Windows.” Snow has produced for a plethora of key players in the electronic genre. Most recently, he’s been making headlines for being part of Terror Jr., the band that Kylie Jenner is rumored to sing in.

Icona Pop has been in the process of gearing up to release their third studio album. They teased their new sound last month with the release of single “Weekend,” a song that celebrates the power of female friendship.

“Windows” still has all the fun qualities that Icona Pop is known for, but it’s a much calmer listen that could be played during both a late night study session and a late night dance party.

Short, punctuated lines and hip-hop influences largely characterize the latest release of the Swedish electro-pop duo.

The clever repetition in the word play helps to make it such a fun listen.

These two lines in particular showcase that:

“I got red eyes on a red eye.”

“Sippin’ on White Russians with some white Russians.”

Lyrically, the song flits back and forth between slightly romantic and sassy defensiveness. The duo encouragingly sings, “There’s a window into my heart, you can come in” before later stating, “If you’re f***in’ with me than you’re gotta be crazy.” It’s a bit confusing to say the least, but that’s not to say that it isn’t an enjoyable listen.

Sonically, its influences appear to be sexy R&B jams of the early 2000s and snap-driven electro-pop club tunes. The combination of the two makes for one modern earworm.

Icona Pop is beginning to show us their versatility and boy, does it look good on them.

Listen to the track here.


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