It has only been seven to eight years since Murs auditioned for The X Factor, and he made it to the top pretty quickly.

“24 Hours”, released on Nov. 11, 2016, is Olly Murs fifth studio album and it is pretty epic. The album is smooth, upbeat, and overall enjoyable. Some songs on the album like “Better Than Me” and “Love You More” are heartbreaking, but they are a heartbreaking in a crafty exciting way. It is a heartbreak in disguise. If you are looking for a fun way to express your feelings about a broken heart, this is the album for you. Listening to songs on this album will give you such a feel good experience.

This is Murs’ best album yet. It is a rigid break-up album about being heartbroken and being able to put yourself back together, It is catchy, confident, and quite an accomplishment. It is different from other heartbreak albums is that this is one that you can dance to and be happy. Songs like the ones on this album get the most attention.

Ranging from R&B to pop, this album is a little different from its expectations, it is still mind blowing and entertaining. There are both high and low points to this album, but in it, Murs get straight to his point. Not too long ago, Murs broke up with who was his girlfriend and from listening to the album, you can tell that the songs maybe his feelings to towards their break-up.

Listen to “24 Hours” here.


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