Hoga tumse pyara kaun – Shailendra Singh – R D Burman – Rishi Kapoor | Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai (1981)


Movie: This song appeared in 1981 romantic flick Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai (We have to teach a lesson to the World) produced and directed by Nasir Hussain under the banner of Nasir Hussain Films. The movie starred Rishi Kapoor, Padmini Kolhapure (debut), late Amjad Khan, Yogeeta Bali, Kader Khan, Asrani, Tariq, late Simple Kapadia, etc. The movie was a mishmash of older Nasir Hussain productions and was remade into a not-all-that-new story. The concept for this train-top song was taken from Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai (1961). Some other concepts were taken from Caravan (1971) and Hum Kisise Kum Nahin (1977) as well.

The rich industrialist, S K Nanda (Shreeram Lagoo) is furious when he finds out that his elder son Ramesh (Randhir Kapoor) is in love with a poor Seema (Arpana Choudhary) and has married her. Nanda threatens that Ramesh would be excluded from his will. Ramesh just leaves the Nanda household with his wife. Nanda’s younger son Ravi (Rishi Kapoor) returns home to be given the wrong information that his brother is away on business. Soon, Ravi finds out what really happened and manages to convince his father to change his mind about his brother. He, then, sets off to find his brother. He finds out that his brother and his wife had died and they had a son, who was left in the care of her sister Kanchan (Padmini Kolhapure).

Ravi meets Kanchan without knowing her antecedents and both fall in love with each other. Kanchan works in the hotel where Ravi is staying, disguised as a boy. When Kanchan finds out that Ravi is Nanda’s song, she is angry and refuses to be associated with Ravi after a confrontation. It is at this time that Ravi sings this song for her on top of the train she is sitting on.

Song: The hit music of this song was composed by R D Burman and the lyrics were composed by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

The man tries to pacify his beloved, who is upset about his real background, in so many words.

Video: Cinematography is by Munir Khan.

The video opens with the shot of a coal engine train taking off. Rishi Kapoor discerns Padmini Kolhapure on the train and runs to climb the ladder to the roof of the train. She is wearing a yellow salwar kameez and black shawl and he is wearing his trademark white trousers and white-black T-shirt with white-black muffler.

Padmini Kolhapure is crying and trying to see what Rishi Kapoor is doing. The music begins and Rishi Kapoor stands on the furthest bogie to begin this song. He tries to pacify her. But, she begins to cry even more. People standing on the sides of the tracks also support him in the song. Rishi Kapoor runs on the train to reach just the next bogie from where Padmini Kolhapure is sitting.

Some shots clearly have been done in the studio with the moving picture of the train running in the background. Rishi Kapoor performs a few steps. He wears a pair of sunglasses, where the image of Padmini Kolhapure is seen. Aerial shots are beautifully shot though it is the time of dusk with little light.

He comes closer and tries to stand in front of her. She keeps moving her head away from him. Rishi Kapoor wears the wig and glasses that she would wear while working in the hotel. He pulls her up to look at him. She wipes her tears, plucks the wig and glasses to throw them away. She, then, hugs him. Thus, the video ends.

Artists: The playback of this song was given by Shailendra Singh and the onscreen performances are by Rishi Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure.

Cultural Influence: The heroine has just realized that the hero is her sister’s brother-in-law. Her sister, on her death bed, had told her not to have any relationship with her in-laws. Besides, there is the rich-poor divide. Thus, she confronts the hero and tells him that she would not want anything to do with him. The hero tries to pacify her and succeeds in the same at the end of the song. This situation can be real, but the song is not. The song is good and so are the artists. The video is watchable for the above.


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