Big Sean releases a video for “Moves”


“Moves” is the second song released off of Big Sean’s upcoming album “I Decided.”

Big Sean continues to make videos that look like they’re in the Tim & Eric universe. The fluorescent colors and solo dancing are classic Tim & Eric. As Big Sean dances, or moves, he’s trailed by bright layers of colorful light. The main difference between this video, as well as Big Sean’s “Bounce Back”, and a Tim & Eric video is that Big Sean’s videos don’t contain any comic absurdity. Oh wait, I spoke to soon; Big Sean about twenty seconds into the song mimes the action of “she make that back move” and “she make the titties move.” The absurdity has arrived! Where are the “get-off-my-lawn” rappers on this one? Is it a new school affectation to dance like the women you’re singing about?

Around halfway through the video a group of stoic women scantily clad in black make their way into the video. They don’t really move at all. Is that contrast purposeful? Maybe. If it is, it had the desired effect. An even cooler effect is when the video cuts to black and Big Sean becomes a glow-in-the-dark rapper. It’s simple but cool.

When Big Sean is actually rapping it’s great. He’s got a fast flow with quick-hitting bars. Unfortunately the bars are so quick that before you know it he’s back to dancing and sing-rapping. Normally I don’t mind sing-rapping, but Big Sean is such a talented MC that I really just want to hear him spit bars.

The video was directed by Mike Carson. “I Decided” will be out February 3, 2017.


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