Harry Fraud compiles a playlist for ‘Rogues Vol. 2’


Harry Fraud unleashed his playlist “Rogues Vol. 2” on December 28th, 2016.


The playlist is loaded with rappers making guest appearances and rapping over Harry Fraud’s beats. There’s no sense in listing all of the artists (there are over thirty) but we’ll go over my favorites in just a second. Many of the songs are culled from Harry Fraud’s various collaborations with the aforementioned artists. Only the first 3 tracks on the playlist seem to have not been part of some other project.

Alright, it’s time for the notables. My portal into the playlist was Action Bronson and his song called “Dealer Plates.” I love Action Bronson. He brings it on every single track. I admit that the content of his verses aren’t special or insightful, but he’s got great energy and the fantastic Ghostface-inspired flow.

Nacho Picasso’s “Lizard King Jr.” is great. Harry’s beat is haunting and Nacho takes his time spitting his bars, working his way up to the line of the song “No I’m not R rated/I’m Jim Morrison, moron, reincarnated.”

“Scorpion Death Drop” gets the nod because of Project Pat. I’ve been listening to Project Pat for fifteen years now so I’m biased. If he doesn’t do it for you there are three other rappers who have a guest appearance on the song, but seriously, just listen to Project Pat.

“Again” by A$AP Twelvyy ft. A$AP Ant is a solid track. Smoke DZA and Snoop Dogg deliver “Morals” which has a message for the youth: you’re doing it wrong! It’s kind of funny to hear Snoop bragging about being born in the 70s. Regardless, he still does his thing when he gets on the mic.

There are many more songs worth listening to on the playlist, but I’ll leave it to you to explore.


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