Eazy El Loco’s Pretty Thoughts


Eazy El Loco’s “Pretty Thoughts” is a laid back, relaxed track that you can put on and chill out to.


The somewhat appropriately titled song has a soothing beat that sets the mind at ease. I say somewhat because the thoughts expressed on the track aren’t all necessarily pretty. Eazy begins the song rapping about regret. Eventually he moves onto the subject of love and weed as well as love without weed and the way love feels like being high on weed. At almost eight minutes you would think that the song might get stale or repetitive, but Eazy El Loco manages to make the entire eight minutes enjoyable. Plus there’s a sweet interlude that pays tongue-in-cheek homage to Kid Cudi’s famed humming.

The song also features lovely vocals provided by Sarah Skinner. The song is labeled as a mini project on Soundcloud; it’s an enigmatic description, but perhaps it means there are more easy listening tracks in the pipeline.

Eazy El Loco had a breakout hit earlier this year with his song “Beautiful Ass Day.” The track has almost reached 800,000 plays on Spotify. The rapper recently said on Twitter that his goal was to get a million channel streams before 2017. The hit single from his similarly titled album “A Beautiful Ass Day” was a major contributor in helping him reach his goal.

For those in the Chicago area, the Ohio rapper’s next show will be at Portage Theater on February 11, 2017. More information is available on his website. You can stream his new single or any of his albums on Spotify and Soundcloud.


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