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2016 was an up and down year for movies but at least it can proudly say it went out on top with one of its last releases of the year, LA LA LAND. This movie is a musical in case anyone was wondering from watching the trailers. Its easy to be skeptical of any movie that is branded as such, but LA LA LAND really is a breath of fresh air in this genre to the point where even if one doesn’t care to watch this type of movie typically, there are still moments to be found that are enjoyable. What makes this movie special is the fact that it is an emotional ride.

While the story may seem like your basic romance in Hollywood, the movie does a good job in getting the viewer to feel for the two main characters. It doesn’t hurt that Ryan Gosling, playing Sebastion, and Emma Stone, playing Mia, are two of Hollywood’s most captivating people. The story is about two struggling artists, one an actor and the other a musician, and how chance leads them to cross paths, leading to a butterfly effect that affects their hopes and dreams. Ultimately, LA LA LAND is tale of how love and career aspirations can help each other or come into conflict. It certainly will make one think about similar aspects of one’s own lives.

LA LA LAND is Hollywood’s take on Bollywood and is a visual masterpiece. Not only are the two leads, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, easy on the eyes but the musical and dance numbers are woven in a way that feels natural. The music is its own character in this movie practically and is sure to get even the most skeptical to at least enjoy themselves despite what they think of the story. Los Angeles has never been more beautiful than in this movie. This movie wasn’t released in 3-D but its interesting to imagine how enjoyable that would have been, since the colors and visuals are stunning already.

It is natural to feel a little down after the holidays and being in the middle of the winter, but LA LA LAND is a perfect remedy to get the spirits lifted. Even if it touches on several emotions, it’s the journey through it that matters and is a great change of pace from the standard theater offerings. There are some issues with the movie, such as it being a tad bit cliché, but not enough to overwhelm and take away the enjoy- ability of it. Be sure to check this out in a theater and not wait for DVD.

Grade : A


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