Hailee Steinfeld- Starving


Hailee Steinfeld’s hit single, “Starving”, is getting all of the attention now. The song features popular music artist, Zedd, but it is very different from the music that he produces or is featured in.

“Starving” is about a growing relationship, becoming more and more adventurous. It is like one those good love stories. It’s a really laid back song with a steady, consistent tempo–the type that would make you want to sing in the shower.

The song is effective, but I do wish the lyrics were less repetitive and that more emotion was put into the song. Its catchy beat draws most of the attention. Realistically speaking, Hailee’s music is enjoyable, but the lyrics could use improvement. It is not her worst song nor is it the best.

Hailee is still new and upcoming, so she has a lot of room for growth. There are a lot of directions that she is able to take her music. Hailee has a unique voice and her music does not follow the traditional path of pop music. Her music stands apart from a lot of other songs, but now that her music is getting attention, she’ll have to work hard to keep it.


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