“The Wild Swan,” is probably one of Foy Vance’s greatest albums yet. Released in 2016, it has already gained a lot of popularity. Songs on this album are a little different from his past releases, but they’re just as good, if not better. His music gives you such a deep feeling that it is hard to really express how you feel about it in words.

Being a part of Ed Sheeran’s music label, you can tell that Vance has been influenced a lot by him. Each song that is featured on the album is pure and is straight from Vance’s heart. His style is very unique and he has to be one of my favorite voices to listen to.

The single, “She Burns,” is the highlight of the album. It reflects how much Vance has grown as an artist.

The album is very enjoyable to listen to and you can lose yourself in the music. How he was able to pull such a great album off, I do not know. It does not get any better than this. Vance has a voice and writing ability that is worth hearing. His talent is what some people may call a blessing. Give him a listen and you will see how impressive he is.


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