Daya- Sit Still, Look Pretty


Daya’s single, “Sit Still, Look Pretty,” is one of the top songs currently being played on the radio. Though the song may seem to be pretty repetitive, it gives off a good message.

In the song, Daya expresses how she does not need to be in love with anyone or have a boyfriend to enjoy the good things in life. Daya has the capability of living the good life she wants to live, all by herself. Yes, she is pretty and quite attractive, but her life is more than that. Life is short and Daya once to get out there and live it, rather than just sitting there and letting opportunities to live pass her up.

Once you understand what the song is about, it is pretty inspiring. Because the music is so catchy, I doubt that listeners actually know what she is trying to get across in the lyrics. I honestly think that the lyrics in this song are quite overlooked and listeners have been taking the lyrics out of context. Everything that Daya speaks about in the song is true and is what people need to hear.

Daya has a unique way of getting powerful messages across in her music. Even though she is still kind of new in the music industry, she is already making a strong impact on her fans and is making a good name for herself. “Sit Still, Look Pretty,” is liked by millions. Daya’s music needs much more attention because she has a lot to say and everyone needs to hear it.


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