Coming Over (Filous Remix)- James Hersey


James Hersey’s “Coming Over,” is one of the calmest yet cheerful songs I’ve listened to. It is the type of song that would be listed on one of Spotify’s “study playlists.”  

The song is really simple but well thought out and is enjoyable to listen to. His voice in the song is really calm and mellow and the beats are really uplifting. I like the song overall and it makes me want to listen to more of what he has out there.

It takes a lot for a song like this to gain a person’s attention, but this one gains your attention and keeps it. With more than 10 million plays on SoundCloud, this song is worth a listen. After listening to Hersey “Coming Over,” Filous knew that he had to remix it. For Filous it was a great experience and after sending it to Heresy, he knew it was worth all the time and effort that was put into it.


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