Murti Ganesh ki – Kishore/Mahendra – R D Burman – Sanjeev/Jeetendra | Takkar (1980)


Today is the first working day of 2017. Therefore, I decided to take this song for an auspicious beginning.

Late Sanjeev Kumar was a fantastic actor. We (Mom and I) knew him through someone else in the film industry. My parents were trying for acting opportunities for me as a child actor when we got to meet him. When he got to know that Mom wrote stories, he gave her a gray color pen and said, “Hold this pen and don’t spoil the life of your child.” Mom began writing with increased enthusiasm after that and gave both her daughters education enough for us to step into the writing world. Unfortunately, Sanjeev Uncle expired much before I entered the journalism field. As luck would have it, I could not do his interview. 🙁

Movie: This song appeared in 1980 action flick, Takkar (Clash) produced by G A Sheshagiri Rao and directed by K Bapaiah under the banner of Padmalaya Studios. The movie starred late Ashok Kumar, late Sanjeev Kumar, Jeetendra, late Vinod Mehra, Zeenat Aman, Jaya Prada and Bindya Goswami in the lead. The movie was remade from the Telugu film Devudu Chesina Manushulu (1973).

A zamindar’s (Ashok Kumar) eldest son Kishan is lost during childhood because of the wickedness of his stepmother and her brother, who try to kill him. Kishan becomes a smuggler and changes his name to Suraj (Sanjeev Kumar). He turns into a good man and accidentally returns to his estate, but cannot reveal his identity, since his past is not good. In the meantime, Zamindar’s other son Vijay (Jeetendra) and daughter Meena (Bindya Goswami) lead a careless life. Suraj convinces his siblings into leading a more responsible life. In the process, they encounter Vinod Saxena (Vinod Mehra), whom Meena loves. But the twist lies here. A look-alike of Vinod, who is a smuggler, has taken up the identity of Vinod and has been cheating everybody to evade the police.

This song is sung by Suraj and Vijay when they realize that the Ganapati idol that the fake Vinod is transporting contained gold for smuggling out of India.

Song: R D Burman has composed the music, while Anand Bakshi has written the lyrics.

The 2 singers inform the people surrounding them that the person, who is with the Ganesh idol is an impersonator and he was smuggling the country’s gold via the idol.

Video: Cinematographer is P. L. Rai.

The song opens with the vision of the Ganapati idol and that looks very good. The location chosen by the makers of this movie is appropriate for the situation. The extra dancers walking and dancing Bhangra and other folk dances, look very stunning. The girls wearing Gopi dresses with golden pots on their heads look extraordinarily beautiful. The colors of the road, Ganapati idol, dresses of the dancers, the sky and the buildings on either side of the road complement each other.

The band playing the tune of the song is excellent. The 3 versatile artists look wow and act even better! Actors only walk in rhythm with the tune of the song. But Sanjeev Kumar and Jeetendra have done so well within such small restricted movements. Vinod Mehra excels with his facial expressions, just standing near the idol. Ranjeet is also in the procession, who is focused on towards the end. He did not get the chance to exhibit his talents in this song.

We can see the typical Ganeshotsav scenario, where spectators are standing, wherever they find the place, even on top of buildings. The makers of the movie might have just been shooting. The people in curiosity would have come to see the fun and the makers would have shot them also together with the actors.

Artists: Kishore Kumar and Mahendra Kapoor sing playback while Sanjeev Kumar, Jeetendra and Vinod Mehra lip-synch, with Ranjeet and others looking on.

Cultural Influence: The makers have shown the Ganeshotsav procession with all its glory in this song.


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