Lill Wiardon and Chester Watson make ‘Starship’


Lill Wiardon and Chester Watson teamed up for the song “Starship.”

Chester Watson has the lone verse on the song. Watson’s flow reminds me of Earl Sweatshirt’s; the great thing about his style is that he makes any line listenable with his melodic voice. It’s a voice and flow that pair perfectly with Wiardon’s astral beat that sounds like a hippie’s version of space travel.

“Tryathalon” is Lill Wiardon’s debut EP where the newbie producer showcases his dreamy production style. You could call it dreamy, ethereal, astral, ephemeral or you could just say it’s not Trap. With titles like “Poetry”, “Bookstore” and “Bleep Bloop”, it’s somewhat obvious that Wiardon’s musical inspiration is different from much of what exists in mainstream hip-hop. Most of the songs are standalone beats, but there are a couple of features; besides Chester Watson, Maxo and Sumwun also make guest appearances. Maxo and Chester Watson are the only ones who actually have verses on the album. If you need a break from the usual and you want to go off the beaten path a bit, “Tryatholon” is a great, short listen.

According to his Twitter page Lill Wiardon makes beats. And from the rest of the internet I could cull that he’s from Texas. There’s not much information out there besides that. His Soundcloud only has 17 tracks and he only has 731 followers, but I expect that to change soon if he keeps making interesting, downtempo hip-hop songs.

Chester Watson has more of a profile than his producer on “Starship.” His album “Past Cloaks” has racked up hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify. Hopefully both of these artists will get some much-deserved recognition in the near future.


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