Hoton mein aisi baat main dabake chali aayi – Lata/Bhupinder – S D Burman | Jewel Thief (1967)


This is a fantastic dance song performed by Vaijayantimala.

Movie: This song appears in 1967 hit Jewel Thief, a spy thriller produced by Dev Anand and directed by Vijay Anand under the banner of Navketan Films. The lead actors include late Dev Anand, Vaijayantimala, late Ashok Kumar, Tanuja, late Nazir Hussain, Helen, Anju Mahendru, Faryal, etc.

Vinay (Dev Anand) lives with his Police Commissioner father (Nazir Hussain) and his mother, in Bombay (Mumbai now). Vinay’s father is saddened that he has not learnt any profitable skills. Also to his father’s chagrin, he spends his time examining stones and jewelry. When they are told that he has a job with a popular jeweler named Vishamber Nath (Sapru), they are pleasantly surprised. Vinay also meets Nath’s beautiful daughter Anju (Tanuja) and a romance begins. The romance is short-lived because people start called Vinay as Amar or Prince Amar.

A jewel thief is making rounds of the city and he has made daring attempts at stealing jewelry. Things go too far when a girl called Shalini (Vaijayantimala) comes forward to claim that Vinay is her fiancé Amar. Vinay proves that he is not Amar and co-operates with them to locate the mysterious Amar. This leads to his getting mixed up in a Machiavellian scheme, which makes him insane and acquire amnesia. Losing his identity, he becomes the target of every policeman in India and particularly in the then independent Kingdom of Sikkim.

Shalini and Vinay dance to this song while trying to steal the crown jewels of the Sikkimese King under the compulsion of the real jewel thief (Ashok Kumar).

Song: The lyrics have been penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music has been composed by S D Burman.

The girl is talking about a secret, which is very dangerous. When revealed it will create a lot of problems.

Video: Cinematography is by V Ratra. Dance Choreography is by B Sohanlal South.

The set of a King’s darbar (court) is very fascinating. The reds, browns, blues and blacks combined with the light colors of the décor looks very pleasing to the eye. The makers of this movie have given enough space to move around while dancing. First, a set of curved clarinets is played. Then some other dancers enter the darbar playing long clarinets. Next 2 sets of some more dancers enter playing huge drums.

The music is Sikkimese. Twice or thrice the music slows and softens, which sounds good and have been performed very well. The extra dancers enter and they dance so well that we ask ourselves whom to watch. While that happens, the very versatile and talented actor and dancer Vaijayantimala enters. Wow! The way she dances by throwing her hands around and moving her legs, we are stunned. Her dress and makeup compliment her dance. This is a situational song. All the dancers are experts and have performed very well.

Artists: The playback singers are Bhupinder Singh and Lata Mangeshkar and the song is lip-syncing is done by Dev Anand and Vaijayantimala.

Cultural Influence: Dancers will love to watch this song. When this movie was first released, this song used to be performed in different functions. It is worth watching many times because we are in a jeopardy whom to look at.


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