Woh dekho dekh raha tha papiha – Mahendra/Suman – Snehal Bhatkar | Fariyad (1964)


Movie: This song appeared in 1964 social romantic drama Fariyad (Appeal) produced and directed by Kidar Sharma under the banner of Show People. The movie starred his son Ashok Sharma, Zeb Rehman, late Achala Sachdev, Dilip Dutt, etc.

Ashok (Ashok Sharma) is a rich high caste Brahmin and his mother (Achala Sachdev) unwillingly educates and sends him to Bombay (Mumbai now) for college. There Ashok is ridiculed due to his language, hair style and because he follows Puritanism. But, he finds one sympathizer in Manju (Zeb Rehman), who is an orphan Harijan girl, brought up by a Christian Peter. Manju and Ashok fall in love with each other. However, a villain Jolly (Dilip Dutt) is also interested in Manju.

One day, Manju hears the news of Peter’s death. Jolly offers to escort Manju to her home in his car. During the journey, Manju resists his advances and Jolly gets to know about her caste. The next day, everybody in college avoids Manju. She leaves the college and Ashok escorts her to his village to introduce her to his mother without revealing her caste. They get married with the support of his mother. They sing this song after they get married.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Kidar Sharma and the music was composed by Snehal Bhatkar.

The man says that the cuckoo had seen him and his beloved wife together and it would announce to everyone what it had seen. This is just a fun song sung between husband and wife.

Video: The video opens with Ashok Sharma beginning the song. He pulls Zeb Rehman near him and she also looks at where he is pointing. He is wearing a black suit. We do not know the real color of the shirt because the movie is in black and white. She is wearing a night gown. Some of Ashok Sharma’s comedy is shown when some of the footage is shot fast, a la Charlie Chaplin.

Zeb Rehman catches some rain water in her hand and runs toward Ashok Sharma and stops him from going elsewhere. She is wearing a sari now. She performs some Bharatanatyam steps. He taps her head with a stick and she sits in the basic Bharatanatyam stance. He places the stick on her head. They walk back and forth in the room. He removes the stick and throws it away.

She performs some more Bharatanatyam steps. She runs out of the bathroom in a towel, picks up her dress from the sofa with her mouth and runs back inside. She is in a night dress now. Ashok Sharma is lying on the floor. Zeb Rehman throws some grapes in his mouth. Both sit in front of each other and exchange claps with each other. Achala Sachdev sees them and feels happy.

The lead pair realizes that Achala Sachdev is watching them. They stop the song and what they are doing. Thus ends the video.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Mahendra Kapoor and Suman Kalyanpur and the onscreen performances were by Ashok Sharma and Zeb Rehman.

Cultural Influence: The hero-heroine sings this song just after marriage. This situation, though real, people won’t sing songs at this time. The song is good and so are the artists. The video is watchable.

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