Shokh nazar ki bijliyan – Asha Bhonsle – Madan Mohan – Parveen Choudhary | Woh Kaun Thi? (1964)


I love this song because of the lyrics and the singer – Asha Bhonsle.

Movie: This song appeared in 1964 hit psychological mystery Woh Kaun Thi? (Who was she?), directed by Raj Khosla and produced by N N Sippy under the banner of Prithvi Pictures. The movie starred late Sadhana, Manoj Kumar, Prem Chopra, late K N Singh, Helen, Parveen Chaudhary, etc.

Dr. Anand (Manoj Kumar) is driving a car. Suddenly, a woman (Sadhana) comes in front of his car and he gives her a lift. She introduces herself as Sandhya. The moment she enters the car, the wipers stop working! Dr. Anand is even more spooked when the woman shows him the way, without proper visibility and directs him to a cemetery. When they reach the cemetery, the gates open, as if automatically and Dr. Anand hears someone singing Naina barse rimjhim rimjhim…

Dr. Anand is expected to inherit a huge fortune from a distant relative. There is a catch here. He will get the inheritance only if he is mentally stable. It appears that there have been cases of insanity in his family in the past. His colleague Dr. Lata (Parveen Chaudhary) loves Dr. Anand. However, he does not intend to leave his girlfriend Seema (Helen). Mystery and mayhem unfold when someone kills Seema with a cyanide injection. The suspicion goes to Dr. Lata and her father Dr. Singh (K N Singh) the head doctor of the hospital where Dr. Anand works.

During a stormy night, Dr. Anand is called to a rundown mansion on an emergency case. There he comes to know that the patient has already expired. He does not get to touch the patient to confirm the death. When he sees the patient, he is surprised that it is Sandhya. When he comes out, some policemen tell him that the place was deserted a long time ago. They also tell him that the place is probably haunted according to some people. They also inform him that the same incident has happened with many doctors and they have registered similar cases with the police on rainy nights. Some days later Dr. Anand also sees a newspaper, which says that Sandhya died in a railway accident.

Dr. Anand’s mother watches the changes happening with him silently. Then she visits Dr. Singh and appraises of the situation, Dr. Singh suggests that she take Dr. Anand to Shimla, where the senior doctor’s bungalow was located.

Dr. Lata keeps trying to attract Dr. Anand’s attention. When they reach Shimla, Dr. Lata asks him to come to the skating ground and there she sings this song for him.

Song: Lyrics have been written by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan and the music has been composed by Madan Mohan.

The girl is trying to convince the man to fall in love with her in so many words.

Video: Director of Photography is K H Kapadia.

The song begins with a long shot of ice-skaters making formations on snow. It looks good. The way they begin the song, they end it the same way. That also looks good. Shooting area for this song is the skating ground. Different people skate in different ways and make formations among themselves. 2 children move towards the camera on skates. But, before they move closer both fall down.

Farmers tie bullocks to plow the fields. Similarly, Parveen Chaudhary throws a rope on Manoj Kumar and pulls him like farmers pull bullocks! The camera moving in circles with each of the main actors, one at a time, is fascinating. Then Parveen Chaudhary pushes Manoj Kumar sitting in a wheeled wooden chair around like a patient is pushed around on a wheelchair!

Manoj Kumar, being a versatile actor, he did not get much scope to exhibit his talents in this song. All the same, he has tried to compensate with his facial expressions. He looked like a puppet in the hands of Parveen Chaudhary and he seems to be enjoying it.

Artists: Playback singer of this song is Asha Bhonsle and Parveen Chaudhary lip-syncs to the song with Manoj Kumar looking on.

Cultural Influence: People, who have the skill, will skate in the appropriate place. But people, who do not know skating, will watch others skate and enjoy it. So this song has only an entertainment value.


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