Kanye West had an interesting meeting


Apparently Kanye is out of the hospital.

I already used a picture of Kanye West with the superimposed hair of the next American president to headline a post last month; a complete lack of foresight. Had I been thinking about it, I would have guessed that obviously Kanye would meet with the president-elect a few days after being released from the hospital. Let’s just stop and ask ourselves how that’s okay; how can a person who has recently been committed to a medical facility for erratic behavior meet with the future leader of the free world? Is there no concern for the president’s safety? And even if Kanye poses no threat, is it really necessary to meet with a pop star who seems to be having serious issues with mental health at the moment? Doesn’t the president-elect have more pressing matters to which he should be attending?

Apparently he does not and I think we all know why. Kanye West is a popular (and polarizing) figure in the Black community; what better way for the president-elect to gain some valuable cachet within said community than to meet with one of its biggest stars. The problems with this strategy are many. First of all it’s completely transparent. Secondly, Kanye’s recent rants have many loyal fans unsure of whether or not they should continue to support him, particularly when those rants were dismissive of some marginalized people’s problems.

America’s new president wasn’t the only opportunistically-minded person in the room during the meeting. Kanye sold it to his quickly dwindling fan base that he met with the soon-to-be inaugurated leader so that his community would have the ear of the highest office in the land. That’s just the type of spin that will come in handy when Kanye makes his presidential bid in 2024.

Naturally, many assumed that upon his release from the hospital Kanye would deal with some of the personal problems in his life. Bleaching his hair blonde isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but it’s less than normal. Additionally there were rumors, which appear to be completely false, about Kanye’s marriage being on the rocks. False though they may be, it feels like going home away from the public eye probably would have been the smarter decision. Instead ‘Ye has once again jumped into the limelight. He just can’t stay away from controversy or cameras. It’s another thing he has in common with America’s new president.

I’m really hoping Kanye pulls through this rough time and gets back to doing what he does best. It’s not looking good right now though.


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