De La Soul, Pete Rock release video for ‘Memory’


Old School overload alert!


De La Soul, fresh off their latest Grammy nomination, released a video for Memory of … (US) featuring Estelle and Pete Rock. The song was originally released as the seventh single from and the Anonymous Nobody… on November 1.


“Hello everyone, my name is Pete Rock and welcome to Nobody Theatre,” the legendary producer says at the top of the video. As he introduces the story, he is wearing a smoking jacket while sitting in a nice armchair in a study full of leather bound books. The Masterpiece Theatre spoof is a good start to a De La Soul video. It’s what you would expect from the funny, innovative group.


As Pete Rock promises in the opener the video shows Estelle grappling with a difficult decision: should she or shouldn’t she go through with her wedding. Her husband-to-be waits at the altar while Estelle struggles with whether or not she should join him. Various flashbacks gives us a window into their courtship and the progress of their relationship.


Eventually Estelle runs off and hops into a convertible picking up Posdnous and Dave so that they can rap their melancholic love verses. The video, however, has a happy ending, and not just because Pete Rock returns to comment on it.


With De La Soul, Pete Rock and A Tribe Called Quest releasing albums this year, it has felt less like 2016 and more like the early nineties. It’s nice to see these artists continue to produce music and to evolve with the times.


De La Soul’s latest album is available on iTunes and Amazon. It was nominated for the Grammy for Best Rap Album of the year.


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