The Paper Kites


The Paper Kites are an indie-folk band originating from Australia. The band started in 2010 and consists of members Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, Dave Powys, Sam Rasmussen, and Josh Bentley. Together that have a total of two EP’s released and-and a debut album, States, released in 2013. Before forming the band, all of the current members were friends throughout high school. After high-school. Sam and Christina started writing all kinds of music together and after a while of recording their songs, they started to gain a lot of attention from playing at venues and wedding ceremonies in their hometown.

Combining with Dave, Sam, and Josh in 2010, the band was invited to play at a local music festival. They all joined being fans of each other combining all of their skills. After the band’s first successful gig, they decide to continue on together playing music as, The Paper Kites. Releasing their single, Bloom, in 2010 is when The Paper Kites started to gain the attention of the media. The single was released online and on social media platforms continuously growing in its popularity. After a while, the band’s name started getting out there and they started making more stage appearances outside of their hometown. So far they have had shows touring in Australia, New Zealand, and of course the United States.

Over the years the band has grown, progressing as both musicians and performers. Even the style of their music and writing has rapidly grown over the course of 6 years. Now they are bigger and better.

A lot of their music tends to come from a specific place and everything shapes around that place. The majority of their songs are written between 12 am and 4 am. That is when Sam’s creativity flows the most. He has to do what is best even if that means writing music is such a sleep deprived state. You can say that he plays quite well by the saying, “the early bird catches the worm.”

Also, they are deeply involved with their music videos. When it comes down to music videos, they have to be as equally good as the song. The videos have to be interesting to watch no matter how long it takes to create.

This band is something special. They do enjoy a little conflict and pushing boundaries because that is how things get done.

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