The Oh Hellos


The Oh Hellos are an American folk band formed in 2011. The band consists of members Tyler and Maggie Health. This self-developed independent band has released four full albums, The Oh Hellos, Through the Deep, Dark Valley, and a Christmas EP, The Oh Hellos’ Family Christmas Album. Tyler himself started writing and recording his own music in 2007. Before singing and performing with his sister, Tyler independently released three albums. Tyler and Maggie got together to perform for their mother’s birthday and their positive experience is what got their music career started together.

The Oh Hellos is a pretty creative band as you can tell and they will like to have full control over their creative processes. Some people just do better when they have full control over something.

With over three million plays on Spotify, The Oh Hellos really have something going for themselves. Being completely independent without a supporting team behind them, they have been pretty successful so far.The crazy part is music was just a hobby for them. Neither Maggie or Tyler had the desire for wealth or fame.

No one expected their music to blow up the way it did, not even them. The start of it all was Tyler and Maggie wanting to make a song for their mother’s birthday.That’s the whole story to the start of their fame. The sound of their music has been described as being very rich and melodic. It is rich in “layers and textures.” Their most recent album, Dear Wormwood, released in 2015, has been receiving some pretty positive reviews. Check out The Oh Hellos for yourself.


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