Nathan Ball


Introduced to music at a very young age, Nathan Ball started his music journey at the moment he was given his first guitar. Since that day Nathan has been playing multiple gigs, touring, and making himself known.

Ball received his very first guitar for his 13th birthday and after taking a few lessons he quit to teach himself. I guess those who are self-taught are the best. Teaching himself a lot about the guitar, Ball then moved onto singing and performing. After a while of playing around Ball figured that he had something going for himself and could make a pretty decent music career.

Ball started writing music the very moment his guitar touched his hands. First, comes the melodies and jamming chords, and then comes the heartfelt lyrics. Jamming out on the guitar is pretty fun, but coming up with the lyrics is Ball’s favorite part. Sometimes he writes about things that are currently going on his life and sometimes everything is completely made up. Whatever he writes about, it is pretty darn good. Ball’s best songs are the songs that he actually took the time to build on. Every song he writes starts out with one small step.

Honestly, the majority of Ball’s songs come from more of the emotional side of music. Happiness is a barrier to his songwriting process. It is the same as a person being sad not being able to look on the brighter side of life. Ball’s situation is the very opposite. Sadness brings out more emotion and feeling. A lot of words and feelings can come from the sense of pain. Ball’s music is like a single flashlight lit in a dark alley.

If music sparks an emotion, then it’s for him.

Ball still has some room for growth. No one ever really done growing right? Right now Ball wants to just play a lot of sold out shows and festivals. The support that he and his band receive are outstanding. They get a ton of support and encouragement from fans who follow them on social media and everywhere else.

Even though Ball is a part of a growing band, it does not change the way he writes his music. His music his still purely himself. Nathan Ball and his band are certainly the music artist to watch. Check out his album, Howling, and let us know what you think.


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