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“The way it hits, it gets you excited.” – Forest

Forest is a rising Brampton, Ontario R&B singer. Being featured in the Travis Scott’s, Guardian (album “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight”), Forest is gaining a lot of attention and fans. Forest says that “it has opened a lot of different avenues for different fans. “Guidance” is a pretty electrified song about a failed relationship, and people are just all over it. Some say that even though Forest was just featured on the song and album, he is way better than Travis. Fans say that Travis is the one who messed up the album. Forest obviously has a lot of talents and it is about time that he gets discovered by someone, receiving the attention he deserves. In an interview, forest says that music for him is something that he was just supposed to be doing and has just accepted it. It is just where he belongs. For some artist, music just comes naturally and they get that sense of belonging in the music industry at a young age. Forest is definitely one of that artist.

Twenty-year-old K.Forest is just starting out and already has two brilliant projects under his belt. His music is not what it is considered classic R&B music. It is like a mix of Tupac and DMX. There’s such an electric feel to his music. That is quite different. Music artist, Aaliyah as one of major music influences.Forest is making a new sound for what R&B music is like. He is a master at spotting out fresh bars while mixing it with a nice contemporary beat. Over time, Forest just became more and more passionate about his work  creating successful works that reflects his influences.

As far as he can remember, Forest has been singing ever since he was a child. He sang along with his “church-singing sister.” “My sister has a really good voice so I was trying to emulate that and trying to see if I could sing like her, if not better.” After staying in London, England for a bit, Forest was inspired by his aunt and cousin to produce and sing on beats. He explains in an interview how “music is an idea that’s put into a format.” That is a pretty logical way of putting it I suppose. He is fully concentrated on his music and is pretty music staying in his own line when it comes to it. He is not so much focused on what is going on outside of his lane. Coming up in the music industry as fast as he did, he has some talent. Actual musical talent. There’s a lot more that he is going to produce that we aren’t just yet ready for.

The music that Forest creates connects with him on a great spiritual level. If the music connects with him spiritually and sounds good, then he just goes with it. “Music takes you all different places, you can’t really gauge it you just have an idea of where it can take you.” Basically, when it comes down to writing songs and beats, Forest just goes with the flow. If you do that it is less stressful and everything just comes more naturally.

Forest’s debut album, “Forest Fire”, released in 2016, shows that Drake is not the only talented male artist out there. Forest is just behind him if not caught up to him yet. Listening to his music makes it clear that Forest is dedicated to how his music sounds and it is “diverse and experimental.” Forest is dedicated to both his music and his friends, on an equal level which is a hard thing to balance for many music artists.

In his album, “Forest Fire”, Forest covers the topics of lost love, social commentary, and desire. In all 13 songs of this album, Forest passionately expresses his feelings both vocally and lyrically.  It is pretty amazing how just how he does it.

Forest’s album, “Forest Fire”, and other music are available to stream on SoundCloud. Once you listen to his music, you will keep on listening to him. Listen to the song, “Guardian”, featuring Forest and tell us what you think about this new fresh and upcoming artist.

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