Young M.A. melts faces with her freestyle ‘EAT’


Make no mistake, Young M.A. has chops. Her freestyle EAT now has a video and people are tuning in to check out the MC’s skills.

Young M.A. was already having a big 2016 with the release of her single Ooouuu. The song has 7 million plays on Spotify. It’s a solid song, but where she really shines is on her freestyles. She freestyled at the BET awards which received wide acclaim, but was unfortunately cut and pieces of it were lost (maybe not lost, but Young M.A. does not have a full recording of it). Now we have EAT. It is over five minutes of rapping wizardry. You did not read that incorrectly, five minutes.

Not only does Young M.A. have the skills, she also has the bravado. She doesn’t shy away from people who have criticized her appearance or her orientation. In EAT she takes them head on: Because they call me a d***, a f****t, a gay b****/I ain’t sh**, that hate sh**, that hatred, godd***/That just make them look less of a man, fam/And to sit on y’all is part of the d*** plan/They just mad cause I beat the p**** like bam bam/Because I’m making these b****es twerk on a handstand.

While the use of certain epithets isn’t progressive (obviously she’s not close to being the only one guilty of this), Young M.A.’s existence can only be seen as a positive in the hip-hop community. There is certainly a dearth of LBGT voices in hip-hop. On top of her insane rapping skills, Young M.A. also offers a different perspective than what many hip-hop fans expect.

You can hear more Young M.A. on the mixtape God Girl and Dope Gurl with Don Mega.

All lyrics are from Genius.


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