Mom hits her son with some “real rap”


From the “You Are Now Old Department”, a mother sends her son a video of her singing “real rap.”

The song was Da Brat’s classic Funkdafied (see the video above) which was released in 1994. Somehow that was 22 years ago; I don’t know where the time went. Neither, apparently, does the mother of j cook (his name on Twitter). She raps along with the song like it came out yesterday.

As long as we’re talking 90s hip-hop, we might as well turn to the Grand Philosopher of hip-hop, KRS-ONE. He once rapped I say no one’s from the Old School cuz rap on a whole/Isn’t even twenty years old. Well, it seems that in 2016 we have arrived at the appropriate time to label things old school and new school. Lil’ Yachty doesn’t listen to the greats, mothers don’t know who 21 Savage is, several hip-hop legends are in their forties and trap has taken over hip-hop (it’s an epidemic!).

The term “real rap” is a tad troublesome. Of course much of today’s hip-hop doesn’t sound anything like the hip-hop that people in their thirties were listening to in the nineties. That doesn’t make it less “real” than old hip-hop. It’s just different. Hip-hop has to change and evolve like it always has. Too often a curmudgeonly, old rapper will sound off about the youth seemingly forgetting that he or she was sounded off about not more than thirty years ago. Today’s hip-hop might not be your hip-hop, but that’s okay. It’s still important for the kids.

Of course, history is also important. This mother taught her son something about the way she used to get funkdafied and she was clearly having fun. There’s nothing wrong with that.


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