Divine Council and Andre 3000 drop video for Decemba (Remix)


The video dropped on December 1, 2016 and features the whole Divine Council crew being directed by none other than Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000.

The song Decemba was originally a $ilk Money track that was produced by fellow Divine Council member ICYTWAT. As of December 6 the song had 435,000 views on Soundcloud. That was before Andre got involved.

The remix adds Andre’s verse to the song and suddenly gives the song a plot structure. $ilk Money’s verse was about a lot of things; one of those things was sex. He says She wanna rub on my belly/Ask me if we go steady/For this d*** you ain’t ready/Weighing in at 210, 6’3 tall, lil shorty this d*** be too heavy. Andre was clearly inspired by these words. His verse (and the video) imagines $ilk Money escaping from a sentencing (by seizing the court officer’s gun) so that he can get home to his lady. Just as he’s about to “do the deed”, the police start to break down the door. $ilk Money manages to start and finish the act, at one point even staving off the officer’s with the pistol he stole earlier. It’s all in the verse: The cops are now rushing in, rushing in, rushing in, rushing in, rushing in/They yelled ” get down”, my bitch is face down/And we f***in I’m bustin’ right back at them/She cummin’ so hard/They shot through my heart/I got my nut off/So there’ll be a part/Two.

It’s a somewhat bizarre video and song. Andre directed the video which is really a short film of sorts. The use of the rpg camera mode at the end of the video was an interesting choice. Andre may have shed some light on his motivation to do the song at the end of the track. He starts talking about the aforementioned “part two.” He says:

Like the baby’ll grow up and avenge his father’s death. You know I’m talking about? And it just go like he starts shooting a whole bunch of cops to avenge his father like… And his mama still be in jail so he was raised without no parents. So he just around killing people but nah dang that don’t make sense. Cause his daddy was wrong in the first place so it like f*** that movie, it ain’t no good movie, nevermind

It almost seems like he heard the $ilk Money song, took a nap, had a really weird daydream and then called the Divine Council. Or maybe he just has tons of half-baked movie ideas that he’s willing to turn into music videos and rap verses. I would like to see that notebook.

To find out how Andre 3000 actually got on the track click here. It’s a very cool story.

All lyrics taken from Genius.



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