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He is a multi-faceted creative personality. Let me introduce Rahul Seth- a singer, music composer and lyricist. Born in Lucknow, he spent his initial childhood in Zambia, Africa. Rahul has a rich literary and artistic lineage. He is the nephew of internationally acclaimed author Vikram Seth. His maternal grandfather, Majnu was a very well-known film actor of his times. His great grandfather, Shri Kunj Behari Seth, was the Chief Justice of Lucknow. His grand-aunt and Vikram Seth’s mother, Mrs. Leela Seth was India’s 1st woman barrister. Excerpts from an interview:

Initiation into Music: We began the interview with a question on how it all began. He replied, “Although I loved films and music since the age of 3, the music bug really bit me hard once I migrated to Zambia, Africa with my parents. I was exposed to the rich pulsating rhythms of African Music and I started jamming up with local musicians, playing the African drums. That is where I even gave my first ever stage performance as a singer and percussionist. Since then, there’s been no looking back.”

Parents’ Say: The music field is so unpredictable that the parents are bound to be worried. But, Rahul’s experience is different. He elaborated, “Well, my parents saw my keen inclination towards music and creative arts, which was in the genes, since very early childhood. So my parents gave me full freedom to explore my creativity to the fullest as a hobby. Yes, there was a slight resistance at first, when I, being their only son, chose music as a career. But I guess the intensity and finality of my passion made them relent and now they are quite proud of my achievements.”

His Albums: He listed some of his albums, thus, “My first was an experimental album of original songs, titled Jaane Jaana produced by my dad, right after I came back to India from Zambia. This was launched with a live show in Lucknow on a very grand scale. Thereafter, I crossed over to Mumbai to make a career in music. Over here, my first major album was a remix one, titled Twist Mix released by Tips Music, wherein I had sung all the songs, fusing my own blend of English vocals and Afro Rap with regular singing, to recreate popular Rock n Roll songs from Bollywood films. The album did quite well. Simultaneously released was another hit album titled Bollywood Magic where I had sung with Sonu Nigam and Parveen Saba.”

Rahul Seth
Rahul Seth

First Bollywood Track: He also talked about his baby steps into Bollywood. He said, “My first Bollywood track, as a fresh entrant, was the song Dhingtara dhingtara… from the film Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain starring Anil Kapoor and Kajol, in which I performed my unique style of vocals, along with Sonu Nigam and Hema Sardesai. My voice was picturised on Anil Kapoor and actor Rakesh Bedi. From here, I went on to perform my style of vocals  for popular films like Ghaath, Khel, Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana, Sssshhh, Love.Com, Dil Bechara Pyar Ka Maara, Aaila Re, Mr. 100%,  Impatient Vivek, Rafoo Chakkar and many others. Then I went on to work in big films as a singer, composer and lyricist. Films like Vaada Raha, Yamla Pagla Deewana 1 & 2, Heroes, Baaghi, etc.”

Latest Album: He, then, told us about his latest album. He said, “My latest track is actually created as the cover of the hit song Aye zindagi gale lag le…, which I have re-sung in my own style, adding some nice English lines, but also keeping the sanctity of the original melody intact, as it is the inherent soul of the song. I have co-produced the video as well as scripted the entire concept.”

Why Non-Film Albums: We asked him, “When you have Bollywood assignments, why do you have to make non-film albums? What are the main objectives driving you to make these albums? And that too, when people stream it from the net for free.” He answered, “Bollywood or any advertising assignment is basically a commercial assignment, driven with briefs, protocols, references, interference, catering to specific client or situation based requirements. In such cases, art is not ‘created’ – it is ‘customized’ to suit needs. Hence, the need to be free to create what one wants to, the way one wants to, without any judgment or interference of any kind. This freedom of creative expression to the world prompts us to create our own stuff and put it up for the world to see, irrespective whether it makes money or not! Creative satisfaction matters at the end.”

Current Projects: We asked him about his other current projects and he enumerated them to us, thus, “I am currently collaborating with some international artistes and music producers for some very interesting projects, as well as some new films in the pipeline. And just like my international song for world peace titled We’re Together, which has been played across radio stations of 30 countries up till now and a copy of which is with His Holiness, The Dalai Lama Himself, I am very soon going to be out with another message oriented song on an International level, with some great collaboration.”

Hobbies: We wanted to know his off-time activities and he said, “Well! I love to read a lot, watch movies, travel, go to the mountains or at times I just chill, by simply doing nothing at all because vegetating is quite therapeutic at times!”

Future: We also wanted to know what he saw 10 years hence. He opined, “I always live in the moment and strongly believe that each moment lived with 100% passion, honesty and dedication towards whatever is being done, is bound to reap rich dividends in the future. So, 10 years hence I see myself still living and loving every moment of life… A moment at a time!”


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