Pal bharke liye koi – Kishore – Kalyanji-Anandji – Dev Anand | Johny Mera Naam (1970)


Movie: This song is featured in the 1970 hit crime thriller Johnny Mera Naam (My Name is Johnny), produced by Gulshan Rai and directed by Vijay Anand under the banner of Trimurti Films. The movie starred late Dev Anand, Hema Malini, late Jeevan, late Pran, late I S Johar, late Sajjan, late Premnath, late Iftekhar, etc.

Notorious smuggler and gangster Heeralal (Jeevan), arrested by the Bombay (Mumbai now) Police, is held in a cell. In the next cell, there is another gangster Johnny (Dev Anand). Heeralal confides in Johnny and asks him to contact a girl called Rekha (Hema Malini. Johnny meets Rekha and gives the tennis racquet to her that Heeralal had told him to deliver. Rekha successfully eludes the police and takes the diamonds, which were in the racquet, to Nalanda. But, from Nalanda railway station the police follow Rekha. At the ruins, Rekha tries to elude the police by singing a song for Johnny and he joins in the song.

They go to Kathmandu, Nepal by air. Soon, Johnny gets to meet Moti (Pran) and gets into the gang. After a faithful accomplice’s disloyalty, Johnny is given the task of delivering 5 million rupees to a dealer. This is actually a test of his loyalty, in which he passes with flying colors.

He gets another task, i.e. of transporting some drugs. Johnny and Rekha pretend that they are in love with each other in front of Moti. By now Johnny gets to know that Rekha has been ensnared into the dragnet of the gang in the course of finding her father Rai Sahab Bhupendra Singh (Sajjan). When Johnny and Rekha are successful in the second task as well, Moti gives them 2 different tasks.

Rekha is sent to a temple wearing the dress of Saint Meera Bai. Rekha just has to pick up an ek tara (a string instrument) from the temple. The ek tara contains all the precious jewels of the idols. But, feeling guilty about cheating God, she sings a song. Police have already arrived there. After the song, Johnny visits the temple in the guise of a police officer and arrests Rekha and Moti, who is also present wearing the dress of a sanyasi. Johnny was supposed to get some money from another gangster but reaches the temple just in time to arrest them. After reaching a jungle, Johnny escapes with Rekha and Moti. Moti takes Johnny to meet his boss Rai Sahab Bhupendra Singh (Prem Nath).

When Johnny goes to visit Rekha, she asks if he met her father. He replies negatively and begins to be romantic with her. Rekha gets annoyed and throws him out of her home. It is at this time that he sings this song.

Song: The music composer of this song was Kalyanji-Anandji and the lyrics were penned by Indeewar.

This song is essentially an appeasement song intended by the man for his beloved. He wants someone to fall in love with him. Even fake love directed toward him would do for him. He goes on to say that he has watched her, hidden from her view. Her kohl line has been drawn on his heart, i.e. her beauty has touched his heart. The kohl line had become a demarcation line separating him from her. He insists that she accept him as he is.

Video: Cinematography is by Fali Mistry.

The video opens with Hema Malini closing the door of her house. Dev Anand knocks at a glassed in French windows and enters the house through it, beginning the song. Hema Malini pushes him out through the window and closes it. He tries to enter through another door. She again pushes him out.

He, then, enters via another open window. She pushes him out and closes the window. She makes sure that he does not come via any other way and goes to her bedroom to lie down on her bed. He continues to sing and looks through another window in the wall. She closes the window and he peeps in via another window.

She closes it with a mat curtain. He enters through another window and hugs her. She pushes him and closes that window as well. He peeps in through another window and she closes it too. Then, she goes to the bathroom. She is about to undress and combs her hair. The window of the bathroom is again open and he peeps in.

She wears her sari again and closes the window. He then peeps in from the ventilator. She keeps closing the ventilators one by one. When she tries to close the last one, she falls down. He looks through a glass, where the image is hazy. She hits the glass lightly and comes out with a stick to hit him. He is not to be found outside.

He is sitting inside the hall on one of the sofas. She is completely annoyed now. When she goes back inside the house, he presents himself to be hit. Hema Malini hits lightly with the stick on his head smilingly and allows him to hug her. He takes her with him to sit together on the sofa. She places her head on his shoulder.

They embrace each other. Hema Malini closes his mouth with her hand to stop his song. The video ends with them embracing each other.

Artists: The playback singer is Kishore Kumar and Usha Khanna and the onscreen performance is by Dev Anand and Hema Malini.

Cultural Influence: This is a typical filmi song. The heroine throws the hero out of her home because he did not reply to her question properly and annoys her. He tries to come in despite the situation. The song is good and the artists are also good. The video is watchable for the song and the artists.


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