Juhi ki kali meri ladli – Suman – Shankar-Jaikishan – Meena Kumari | Dil Ek Mandir (1963)


Movie: This song appeared in 1963 hit romantic tragedy Dil Ek Mandir (Heart is a Temple) directed by C V Sridhar under the Chitralaya banner. The movie starred late Rajendra Kumar, late Meena Kumari, late Raaj Kumar, late Manmohan Krishna, late Mahmood, late Nagesh, Kutti Padmini, etc.

Ram (Raaj Kumar) is diagnosed with cancer and is married to Sita (Meena Kumari). He is taken by Sita to a medical expert Dr. Dharmesh (Rajendra Kumar) after hearing a lot of positive feedback about him. The problem is that Dr. Dharmesh turns out to be the former love of Sita. Dr. Dharmesh contacts other expert doctors to take his opinion and shows the X-ray film to them in another room.

After consulting with the other doctors; Dharmesh comes to the conclusion that he will have to operate Ram for the cancer growth within 15 days. One day, Dharmesh and Sita are talking about their past and Ram overhears them. He feels bad about it and leaves. After he has left, Dharmesh and Sita, who were ignorant of Ram’s presence, continue talking. Sita tells him the circumstances of her marriage to Ram.

Her father was working in a bank and Rs.1000 goes missing from there. The owner of the bank blames her father and says that if he married his daughter Sita to his son Ram, then he would not press charges. Ram’s father knew that Ram had cancer! It is an injustice to Sita. But then, who cares about injustice to poor people.

Sita settles down in the hospital with Ram and gets friendly with a little girl called Uma (Kutti Padmini). The girl is very naughty but has been admitted to the hospital for treatment. Sita sings this song on the little girl’s birthday.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan and the lyrics were penned by Shailendra.

This song specifically talks about the cuteness of the little girl. The lady compares the beauty of the little girl with the moon, group of stars, fairies, a bouquet of flowers, etc. She even goes on to say that the words of the little girl inspire older people to face sorrow. Her smile teaches them to be patient. The lady also wishes that the little girl would live for thousands of years.

Video: Cinematography is by A Vincent.

The video opens with Kutti Padmini prancing around the verandah. All through the movie, Mahmood handles the comic act. But, in this song, how the South Indian actor Nagesh is present, is not understood. The song is interspersed by kissing sounds made by Kutti Padmini and Meena Kumari. Nagesh is seen giving keys to a couple of toys and Kutti Padmini watches the same.

While she is watching the toys, Meena Kumari blows the clarinet into the little girl’s ear to get her attention. Meena Kumari takes the little girl toward Manmohan Krishna and makes her sit on his lap. Meena Kumari lifts Kutti Padmini and cradles her in her arms. When she lets her down, the little girl walks backward to Manmohan Krishna. He lifts her and places her on the back of Nagesh, who acts like a horse for her.

Meena Kumari watches the little girl. Kutti Padmini closes Nagesh’s eyes and he finds it difficult to move forward. The little girl runs away from Meena Kumari and Nagesh. The little girl kisses her doll. Meena Kumari keys a couple of toys for the little girl to watch. Kutti Padmini blows the clarinet in Meena Kumari’s ear.

Rajendra Kumar comes to the play area and the little girl runs to him. Raaj Kumar is also seen coming to the verandah. The video ends with all the hospital staff, patients and patients’ relatives gathering in the verandah.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Suman Kalyanpur and the onscreen performances are by Meena Kumari, Rajendra Kumar, Raaj Kumar, Kutti Padmini, Manmohan Krishna, etc.

Cultural Influence: This song is very filmi because in most hospitals they would not allow the celebration of anybody’s birthday on this grand scale, though people can have love and affection for kids admitted to hospitals. The song is good. So are the artists. The video is watchable for the song and the artists.


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