Oho meri pran sajni Champavati aaja – Kishore/Sabitha – Salil Chowdhury | Annadata (1972)


Movie: This song appeared in 1972 romantic family drama Annadata (One Who Donates Food) produced by L B Lachman and directed by Asit Sen under the banner of L B Films. The movie starred Jaya Bhaduri, Anil Dhawan, late Om Prakash, Krishnakant, late Gopi Kishan, Madhumati, etc.

Amba Prasad (Om Prakash) is a rich man and is disillusioned by his relatives. His lawyer Pestonji Vasiyatwala (Krishnakant) makes him see the harsh reality. Amba Prasad is disheartened and leaves his home with his loyal dog.

He reaches a village and meets an artist Arun (Anil Dhawan). Arun paints a portrait of the older man sleeping under a tree, guarded by his dog. Arun assumes that Amba Prasad is a poor man and pays him Rs. 5 for being a model for his painting. After some time, Amba Prasad loses consciousness due to exhaustion. The dog pulls the edge of Aarti’s (Jaya Bhaduri) sari to bring her to his master for treatment. Soon Amba Prasad mingles with Aarti’s family of 2 – Aarti and her disabled little brother.

Aarti distributes free medicines that she makes from the knowledge that she had gathered from her father when he was alive. Her only earning comes from typing and stitching clothes for people. Arun and Aarti are in love with each other. But Arun does not consider himself the right suitor for her since he is a poor artist and cannot financially support her and her brother. She has debts as well that needs to be returned. On the other hand, Arun’s earning barely helps him take care of himself and his mother (Dulari).

Amba Prasad stays back with Aarti even after he recovers and Arun confronts him about it. Amba Prasad realizes that Arun has a soft corner for Aarti. One day, a woman (Shammi) comes to Aarti and scolds her about the medicine that she had given for her child. The reaction to the medicine had not been as expected and the child now needed expert intervention. Aarti asks her if she had given the medicine intended for her goat to her child and vice versa. It appeared that the medicines had been exchanged because the woman was illiterate and could not read the instructions. Aarti calmly gives her another medicine for her child.

When the woman has left, Amba Prasad asks Aarti if the free distribution of medicines was right, when all she gets in return is the people’s curses and ill-will. She supports the woman. Amba Prasad broaches the subject of his leaving her house. But, she will hear nothing of it.

Amba Prasad buys a boot polishing kit and polishes some trees during the daytime and takes some of his own money to Aarti to pass it off as his earning. Initially, Aarti does not take the money. But, when he says that instead of it going to a pick-pocket, she had better keep it; she takes it. Arun approaches a marriage broker to find a good groom for Aarti. Amba Prasad sees Arun coming out of the broker’s office and questions him. He replies that though he loves her, he would not make the right suitor.

One day, some foreigners appreciate the ‘paintings’ created by Amba Prasad on the trees. Arun passes that way and informs them that the ‘paintings’ are just a child’s brush-work, not to be given any importance. A rich stranger (Brahm Bharadwaj) hears this comment and begins a conversation with Arun about art. The conversation ends at Arun’s home, where he gets Rs.500 for the painting he made of Amba Prasad. This gives Arun hope and he buys a prosthetic leg support for Aarti’s brother. Some money remains and he gives it to Aarti to return her debts. She takes the money on the condition that it would be a loan.

Arun and Aarti visit a temple together and nearby there is a gathering, where 2 main dancers – Gopi Kishan and Madhumati – and some extras are dancing to the tune of this song.

Song: The lyrics of this song were composed by Yogesh and the music of this song was composed by Salil Chowdhury.

The man beckons the girl to come closer in this song. He tells her not to go away from him after stealing his heart. The girl feels shy when people look at them together. On the other hand, the man does not care about the world.

Video: Cinematography is by Kamal Bose. The dance choreography is by late Gopi Kishan.

The video opens with Jaya Bhaduri and Anil Dhawan running toward the get-together where the dance program is happening. Gopi Kishan begins to dance with some extra men while singing the song and Madhumati joins him with the other girls. Gopi Kishan was a Kathak exponent. His sharp and graceful movements clearly show his expertise in the classical form though this is a folk dance.

Jaya Bhaduri and Anil Dhawan try to find a good vantage point to look at the dance. Many other people are watching the dance. Madhumati moves toward the lead pair while dancing. She first separates them, moves behind them and pushes them closer. The lead pair laughs it off as she hides behind them.

Gopi Kishan tries to find Madhumati, turning other girls around. Then, he realizes that Madhumati is sitting behind the lead pair. He separates them and pulls Madhumati into the main area of the dance. Jaya Bhaduri moves closer to Anil Dhawan happily. But, though Anil Dhawan allows her to get closer, does not like it. According to him, he is not the right suitor for her.

An old woman is seen touching the hand of an old man, who looks at her. This shot is symbolic, where real and eternal love is depicted. Madhumati soon pulls Anil Dhawan into the dance area. Gopi Kishan pulls Jaya Bhaduri in. Anil Dhawan and Jaya Bhaduri try to escape from the performers. The video ends with the lead pair running away from the get-together.

Artists: The playback of this song has been sung by Kishore Kumar and Sabitha Chowdhury and the onscreen performances are by Gopi Kishan, Madhumati, Anil Dhawan, Jaya Bhaduri and others.

Cultural Influence: There is a get-together happening near a temple and the lead pair visits the place. Gopi Kishan and Madhumati dance to the tune of this song. Such get-togethers can happen in reality also. The song is good. The video is watchable for the artists and the song.


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