Promnite, Denzel Curry and co. release ‘Gunsmoke’


Gunsmoke, the new single from Promnite featuring Denzel Curry and members of the C9 collective, was released on November 30, 2016.

The track is a mixture of light and dark. The lyrics are heavy firebombs spit from the mouths of featured MCs Denzel Curry, Nell, J.K. The Reaper and Twelve’len. The beat (provided by Promnite) and the chants of “gun smoke” are ethereal; the only thing that matches the rappers pacing is the persistent rat-a-tat-tat of the high hat that accompanies the verses and drops out during the chorus.

That absence of interference allows the chorus to establish the track’s conscious theme. Twelve’len sings They don’t want to see us go/They don’t want to see us grow. Earlier on Denzel Curry raps All I see is the opposite plotting/Nig*** get kilt like a skirt in Scotland. These lines aren’t just happenstance, they’re part of the architecture of the song. In regards to the song’s message, Promnite had this to say to

 We live in precarious times right now and less is certain now than ever before. A lot of people listen to a trap song or some hood shit and are really into the energy of it because it seems cool, but have no clue about the racial climate that people of color have to deal with growing up in those areas. It really is kill or be killed by either some random person that feels you looked at them the wrong way, or the cops themselves

This is the first single from an upcoming project for Promnite. According to The Windish Agency, “Promnite was born in a Los Angeles studio in 2014.” The man behind the moniker, PJ Sledge, has been making music for a while which is how he was able to bring his many disparate influences (punk, skate rock, electro, drum & bass, club, hip-hop, downtempo, etc.) to bear on this amazing collaboration.

It wasn’t Promnite’s first tour of duty with XXL Freshman of the Year Denzel Curry. The two worked together on a track for Curry’s Imperial released earlier this year. Additionally they’ve released other tracks on their respective Soundcloud accounts.

No word yet on a title or a release date for Promnite’s project, but after this single you can bet we’ll be waiting for it.



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