Pete Rock and Smoke DZA on The Breakfast Club


Hip-hop legend Pete Rock and rap veteran Smoke DZA stopped by The Breakfast Club on November 30th to talk their latest collaboration and, of course, the state of hip-hop today.

Pete Rock was at The Breakfast Club talking a collaboration that he did without CL Smooth *GASP*; in fact this is Pete Rock’s third collaborative album without his former running mate. This latest project is with Smoke Dza on an album called Don’t Smoke Rock. Smoke Dza is a New York hip-hop artist who got signed back in 2002, did some ghostwriting and went solo in 2008. He’s been raising his profile with solid albums ever since. Now he is releasing an album with hip-hop royalty. That is the dream.

Don’t fear old school hip-hop fans, Pete Rock and CL Smooth will be back in 2017 with something new. Though their relationship has been rocky over the years, Pete Rock said that they got along while on tour and that “it’s all love.”

Other highlights from the interview:

-Pete Rock “can’t believe he [Donald Trump] is our president.” Smoke DZA supported Bernie Sanders but ultimately voted for Hillary Clinton.

-Pete Rock thinks the younger generation of rappers needs to show more respect to the ones who paved the way. Obviously not every younger rapper has a problem, but certain ones (such as Lil’ Yachty who has shown something of a disdain for classic hip-hop) need to pay reverence. Pete Rock said he almost blew his top when he heard what Lil’ Yachty said about the Notorious B.I.G.

-People still don’t believe Lil’ Yachty can rap.

-Had he not been a hip-hop producer, Pete Rock could have been the greatest radio DJ of all time. His speaking voice is melodious.

-Smoke DZA, like Paperboy in Atlanta, doesn’t go to the club. Really I just wanted to shout out Atlanta.

-The New New York sound is a mixture of the old New York sound and Trap and the Harlem hustle and bustle and maybe some other stuff? It’s a bit confusing, but apparently New York is back.



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