Ryn Weaver


“I’m really good at not listening to anybody.” – Ryn Weaver

Ryan Weaver is an American singer and songwriter first gaining public attention with the single, “OctaHate”, in June 2014.

From a very young age, Weaver was never ordinary. That lifestyle was not for her. Weaver chose to change the spelling of her name from Erin, to Aryn, claiming that its original spelling was too basic. Ryn is now her stage name. Growing up she spent years learning many forms of art from theater to acting. Before dropping out of college, Weaver attended Tish’s School of the Arts trying to pursue an acting career.

Out of nowhere, she just started singing. She was not much of an instrumentalist. She just used her voice. Weaver for real has vocal talents that will blow your mind. Honestly, in her head, she has been writing music her whole life. She just made her own stories coming up with lyrics what she was thinking of in the moment. To her, it wasn’t a big deal. Her music and lyrics came to her just in the moment. “ I don’t even know if I have a process yet. It’s really nice if I’m in the studio with people, but a lot of times I’ll just be walking around and come up with ideas. Sometimes I’ll just start humming things each day and feel the need to write it down. I’m slowly gaining more confidence in my writing ability. “

Beginning her music career, Weaver met producer Benny Blanco, and then years later they reconnected in Los Angeles. Weaver was then signed under Blanco’s Interscope Records. On June 21, 2014, Weaver released her single, “OctaHate,” and then when she got her music breakthrough. Within minutes after posting the single on SoundCloud, she received attention from music artist like Charli XCX, Charlie Puth, Harry Styles, Jessie Ware, and Hayley Williams (Paramore).

Weaver first studio album, The Fool, was released on June 16, 2015, and it sold 13,800 units within its first week. Sometimes Weaver sees music as something that she should not be doing. She says it’s “hard to keep yourself grounded- no one knows where you are or what you are going through.” Sometimes for her, it feels as if she has a lonely life. She has a band but is also a solo artist that her band is a part of. Depending on the day, she misses the life she had before releasing “Octahate”. Weaver was never much of a business person and misses having to do nothing and being irresponsible.

“I don’t play by the rules of the industry, or let it dictate what I’m going to do. I play by my rules, and that’s how I’m going to last, hopefully. If you let too many people tell you what to do and put their fucking worm in your ear, you go crazy. I’m really good at not listening to anybody.”

Where is she going from here? We don’t know yet. Right now the music industry for her is “a whirlwind.” Weaver is just more excited about meeting more fans and getting to play for people and being seen.


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