Music’s Role in Society

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Music. What comes to your mind when you first hear the word music? It’s what gives meaning to life. Music is what brings this world together. You may not realize this, but music plays a vital role in our everyday life. It helps us at times make decisions and judgment calls. It tells us when to move and how to feel, or how not to feel. Music surrounds us all and is involved in everyone’s life. Notice how when you meet someone for the first time or take a car ride, whatever it is, do you ever notice or realize how many different times you are asked: “what type of music do you like or listen to”? Music is the start of our many conversations and we don’t even know that. It’s like breaking the letter “k” on your keyboard: you never realized how much you actually use it and need it, until it is no longer there or accessible. Music works just like that in our life.

Music over the years has been taken for granted. With a touch of a button, it’s there. It plays an important role in human development and promotes persons all around well-being. There seems to be a lack of understanding of the power of music. It’s more than just sounds and beats. It’s a way of life. A piece of a song can give a person the music to their life.

Whenever people come together, music is always there. It’s the key thing. What’s a party without music right? Rather it’s a funeral, wedding, social gathering, dinner, a party, or just simply background music, it’s always there. Music is a part of our everyday life. It’s the closest to oxygen.  The most interesting thing about music is that physically, it does not exist. Just like oxygen.

We learn from music. We learn how to live and how to be free. Music teaches us how to love, how to socialize, and even how to be ourselves. It speaks to people as an unspoken language. The music itself has a lot of capabilities. It informs us yet provides us with emotional connections to things such a personal experience, politics, and religion.


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