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You heard right! Lady Gaga is back with her new album Joanne set to be released on October 23, 2016, by Interscope Records.  After her last stage appearance, people seriously thought she fell off the face of this earth, but shockingly she has not. She’s back and even better. From applauses to dedicating an album to her sister’s dad, who died from lupus, Gaga is coming back hard.

Was it mentioned that Joanne is also her middle name?  Well at least one of them. For those who do not know, Lady Gaga’s full name is Stefani Joanne Germanotta. Joanne is also the name of her deceased aunt, whose ghost saved her from her cocaine addiction. Gaga’s parents also own a restaurant in New York called, Joanne Trattoria.  Joanne has a story behind it as we can see.

She’s coming back letting people know that she is still alive and can still very well sing. Gaga seems to be doing a lot better for herself. She seems a lot happier and healthier that is.

Appearing in American Horror Story, running from October 2016- January 2016, Gaga earned the Golden Globe Award for best actress. While receiving that award she announced that her fifth studio album would be released sometime in 2016.Since then, there have been teasers about this album and when it was going to be released. This may be her best album yet.

Gaga wanted Joanne to be a surprise for her fans. It sure was a big surprise to the ones who thought she no longer existed. Even though she has temporarily fallen off her throne, she is making her way back up to the top. While creating the album, Gaga says that she discovered a new side of herself.

Promoting the album’s single, Gaga revealed working with other people like Beck. Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine), and Father John Misty. Confirmed tracks on Joanne are, “Perfect Illusion”, “A-Yo”, “Hey Girl (featuring Florence Welch)”, “Joanne”, “John Wayne”, and “Sinners Prayer (featuring Father John Misty)”.

We’re waiting to see Gaga’s new ‘normal’ and what she has to lay on the table on October 21st. Listen to her new single, “Perfect Illusion”, and tell us what you think of it.


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