Kesha Still Fights For Freedom


We all know the whole ordeal that happened or is still happening between Kesha and Dr.Luke. If not, here is the short version of everything that you need to know. In the year 2014 Kesha sued her producer Dr.Luke wanting to void their contract together, Why? According to Kesha, Dr. Luke abused her sexually, physically, emotionally, and verbally. The hashtag, ‘#FreeKehsha’, has been pretty viral. Who’s telling the truth here? We don’t know, but Kesha is still fighting.

Kesha still fights for her freedom on her “F*ck the World” Tour. The court’s decision on her case is what developed the idea of this tour. It’s an act of defiance. At the beginning of her sold out show she declared, “nothing outside of these four walls matters right now. I’m talking about your rent, I’m talking about your homework, I’m talking about your sh*tty ex-boyfriend. I’m talking about my F*CKING LAWSUIT!”

The fight is still continuing, but instead of doing nothing, Kesha is touring. What really happened can take years to unfold. In August 2016, Kesha apparently dropped her lawsuit against Dr.Luke in California. She has plans on releasing more music.

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