Kodak Black’s unreleased video for ‘4th Quarter’


Still waiting to be released from prison, Kodak Black is still releasing new content from behind bars.

The song 4th Quarter was made back in 2013. Black’s camp released a previously unreleased music video on November 23rd (shot before Kodak started serving his latest stint in prison).

The song sounds like something from the early 90s and it has the video to match. Listening to the track one can easily draw a line from hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg to rising newcomer Kodak Black. In particular, 1995’s Gin and Juice seems like a spiritual ancestor to Black’s latest video. Both videos depict a day in the life of the rappers’ respective neighborhoods, Long Beach and Pompano Beach (both are beaches, just a coincidence?!). 4th Quarter sounds as though it has a little G-Funk in it, the signature sound of West Coast 90s hip-hop that is featured on Gin and Juice. Both tracks feature the young MCs delivering virtuosic lyrical performances. Of course Snoop wins this competition by a mile, but when this song was made Kodak Black was six or seven years younger than Snoop when he released his now classic album Doggystyle. With age and maturity Kodak might approach greatness himself.


Also featured on the song are Koly P and One Grand. They take over the last half of the song, rapping their verses while dressed in matching basketball uniforms. In a different song the verses would be fine, but matched against Kodak’s bars at the beginning, the verses feel out of place and almost distracting.

Kodak should be out of jail soon, but until then the #FreeKodak movement continues.


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