Karte hain hum pyar Mr. India se – Kavita/Kishore – Lakshmikant-Pyarelal – Sridevi/Anil | Mr. India (1987)


Movie: This song appears in 1987 superhero science fiction Mr. India produced by Boney Kapoor and directed by Shekhar Kapur under the banner of Narasimha Enterprises. The movie starred Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, late Ashok Kumar, Satish Kaushik, late Amrish Puri, Ajit Vachchani, Sharat Saxena, late Bob Cristo, etc.

Mogambo (Amrish Puri) is an intelligent but mad General, who wants to overpower India. He keeps an eye on the evil-doings of his henchmen.

Arun Verma (Anil Kapoor) is an orphan and plays violin on the streets to earn a living. He rents a large old house for a dozen orphaned children. He and his cook Calendar (Satish Kaushik) take care of them. Arun is poor and owes money to the grocer Roopchand (Harish Patel) and the landlord Maniklal (Yunus Pervez). Despite these issues in his life, Arun tries to keep a positive frame of mind.

Eventually, Calendar reminds Arun that expenses of running the house were rising. Thus Arun visits the local newspaper office to run an ad about renting out a room in their home. Investigative Reporter Seema Sahni (Sridevi) meets him there and decides to rent the room. Initially, there are issues with her due to the presence of too many children. But soon Seema becomes friendly with everybody.

One day, Arun receives a letter from a family friend, Dr. Sinha (Ashok Kumar) with a mysterious message. The letter says that Arun’s late father had invented a gadget, which could make the user invisible, with the directions to find it. Arun goes to his father’s laboratory with his ward Jugal and finds the gadget. The gadget is a gold wrist watch. When switched on, the wearer becomes invisible. The only flaw in it is that the wearer is visible in red light. Arun and Jugal decide that they would keep the gadget a secret between them.

Arun when invisible becomes Mr. India and does a lot of good work. Impressed by that and having been rescued by Mr. India at least once, Seema falls in love with him. Nobody including Seema knows the real identity of Mr. India. One day, Arun, Seema and the children have a picnic at the beach, when Arun argues with Seema about Mr. India. Arun is in a mood to tease her. Thus, Seema begins this song and Arun in a teasing spree joins in.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Javed Akhtar and the catchy music was composed by Lakshmikant-Pyarelal.

The girl has become crazy of an invisible do-gooder. The man is on a teasing spree since the girl does not know that the man and the invisible do-gooder are one and the same. The man tries to convince her to fall out of love. Perhaps, the man is trying to gauge the depth of her love for him.

Video: Cinematography is by Baba Azmi. Dance has been choreographed by Saroj Khan.

The video opens with Anil Kapoor asking the kids to come closer to him. They are all on a beach. When they come closer, they have a private conference. He perhaps tells them that they would go together and annoy the already annoyed Sridevi. This sequence is picturized in a fast pace.

Sridevi is wearing a pair of white jeans and yellow-white T-shirt. Anil Kapoor is wearing a pair of black trousers, light beige shirt and green-gray coat. Sridevi is seen walking toward the sea and the kids come to annoy her. Sridevi, as expected, gets annoyed further and begins to hit Anil Kapoor with one of the kids’ bats. She knows that he is behind all the teasing.

Due to the impact of the bat, Anil Kapoor falls down on the sand. Sridevi begins the song and points out to Anil Kapoor that she would always love Mr. India. While she points out, the full sleeve of her T-shirt comes out beyond her fingers, which she adjusts. Anil Kapoor asks her why someone would meet a person, who cannot be seen.

Sridevi picks up some sand to throw it on his face! Some sand falls on her eyes as well. She blindly goes to the sea and washes it off. When she opens her eyes, she can see that the kids are running toward her and she tries to run away from them. A large wave comes along that way and they turn back to run away from it.

Anil Kapoor imagines that he is dancing with Sridevi in a mountainous environment. Anil Kapoor tries to embrace her from behind in the dream sequence and then even in reality. She bites his hand and he jerks it, walking backward away from her. Sridevi tells him to come closer and places her foot hard on his foot.

Again Anil Kapoor goes into a dream sequence. In this, he sees that Sridevi is serving tea to him and he is reading a newspaper. He tries to bully her and she moves the chair he is about to sit on from its place. He falls down but gets up to dance with her.

When Sridevi disappears from Anil Kapoor’s dream sequence, he is brought back to reality by Sridevi herself, as she tries to grab his attention. Sridevi prances away from the sea on the beach and Anil Kapoor follows her. The video ends when one of the kids Ganesh Acharya (who went on to become a renowned dance choreographer when he grew up in reality) finds someone drowning in the sea.

The dance choreography by Sarojji is so excellent. No wonder I love her work so much.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy and Kishore Kumar and the onscreen performances are by Sridevi, Anil Kapoor and kids.

Cultural Influence: The heroine is annoyed and the hero takes the help of the children to annoy her more. The song is very good and the video can be watched for the lead pair, the children and the song.


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