Kiska mahal hai kiska yeh ghar hai – Lata/Kishore – S D Burman – Hema/Rajesh | Prem Nagar (1974)


Movie: This song appeared in 1974 romantic drama Prem Nagar (City of Love) directed by K S Prakash and produced by D Rama Naidu under the banner of Vijaya and Suresh Combines. The movie starred late Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini, Aruna Irani, late Ashok Kumar, late David, Kamini Kaushal, Prem Chopra, Asrani, Jagdeep, etc. Before this movie was made, the same plot was used by the producer in Tamil for Vasantha Maligai (1972) and in Telugu for Prem Nagar (1971).

Karan Singh is a rich prince and lives with his widowed mother, an elder brother Shamsheer (Prem Chopra), his wife (Bindu) and daughter. His mother, the Rani Maa (Kamini Kaushal), spends most of her time in playing cards and has left her children’s upbringing to the nanny (Pushpalata). Thus, Karan (Rajesh Khanna) grows up thinking that the nanny is his real mother. Now, the man has become an alcoholic and womanizer.

He rescues a former air hostess Lata (Hema Malini) from being molested by her boss (Manmohan). Karan then hires her as his secretary and lets her family shift into one of his cottages. Lata tries to change his habits, in a progressive manner. Initially, she encounters opposition. Eventually, she succeeds and they fall in love. Karan even builds a palace for her to name it Prem Nagar. When the palace is ready, Karan takes Lata to the palace to show it to her. Lata sings this song at this time and Karan joins her in it.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Anand Bakshi and the music was composed by S D Burman.

This song basically introduces the palace called Prem Nagar to the girl. The introduction is done by the man. The girl is elated and is grateful to the man.

Video: Cinematography is by A Vincent.

The video opens with Hema Malini and Rajesh Khanna hugging each other. Hema Malini begins to sing in that same position. While they hug, her earring falls down. When they separate and she goes away from him a little, he picks it up from the floor to fix it in her earlobe. Then, she falls on his feet saying that whatever he is doing for her is a favor to her. He makes her stand and places the edge of her yellow sari on her head.

She runs toward a waterfall and stands there. The palace is very bright due to the lighting and the glasswork. She looks at every nook and corner, how it looks. They move toward a corner, where there is a mirror and the portrait of Hema Malini. They move near the portrait and hug. Thus the video ends.

Artists: The playback of this song has been sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar, while the onscreen performances are by Hema Malini and Rajesh Khanna.

Cultural Influence: The hero has built a palace for the heroine and has brought her for the first time there. At that time, she asks whose palace was it. He replies that it is theirs. That is the song. The song is good and the artists are good. The video can be watched for the song and the artists.


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