Gucci Mane proposes to Keyshia Ka’oir


Gucci Mane managed to get away from the pad and the pencil long enough to propose to Keyshia Ka’oir on Tuesday night at the Atlanta Hawks game.

Gucci Mane and Ka’oir have been dating for many seven years; she stuck by his side while the rapper served out his jail time. Many news sources had speculated that wedding bells were in the future so the very public display of affection wasn’t a complete surprise. That did not, however, take away from the excitement.

The couple received loud applause from Gucci Mane’s hometown Atlanta fans; the fans were grateful to have something to cheer for as the Hawks were trailing by 24 at that point in the game. The announcers declared that Keyshia had received “a nugget” in reference to the size of the ring.

Twitter also had favorable reactions for the soon to be newlyweds. One Twitter account jokingly congratulated Gucci Mane on fulfilling a promise that many men have weaseled out of when the time came.

There’s still December left, but barring something major this caps off an amazing year for Gucci Mane. You can read more about it here. Last week, his song with Rae Sremmurd, Black Beatles, recived the most streams since Adele’s Hello.

Finally, three cheers for rappers making splashes at NBA games. Hopefully Gucci Mane becomes a mainstay at Hawks games. A rapper per NBA city will only raise the NBA’s popularity though Oklahoma City might be a tough find.


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