Kanye West enrages his fan base


According to his Twitter account, Kanye got rid of his phone some time ago so that he would “have air to create.” Unfortunately it hasn’t kept the rapper from making controversial statements.

In the space of 72 hours Kanye managed to anger a large portion of his fan base with various rants he made at his concerts. The first rant on Thursday night in San Jose concerned the bitter presidential election which came to an end earlier this month. Kanye told his audience that Black people talk about race too much. Then he admitted to not voting. Finally, because he needed to heap more onto that raging tire fire of a rant, he confessed that if he had voted he would have voted for Donald Trump.

In a way, the tirade shouldn’t have been that surprising given that Mr. West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, revealed during the election that she didn’t know for whom she would vote (She eventually stood with Hillary). However many fans assumed that Kanye, who has worked with conscious hip-hop artists including Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and Lupe Fiasco, wouldn’t have voted for a man with such divisive rhetoric.

Black Twitter was abuzz with Mr. West’s statements. Some fans said that it was “Kanye being Kanye”, pointing out that this is not Kanye’s first controversial statement. Others weren’t so easily swayed. Many fans noted that the Kanye that made politically charged songs like Crack Music had long ago disappeared into the ether.

Just in case fans of Ye didn’t have their fill of crazy, Kanye decided to go on another rant which doubled down on his beef with Jay-Z. This time Kanye went after Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce. After performing three songs he launched into a 17 minute rant in Sacramento on Saturday night. Mr. West complained that Beyonce refused to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards unless she won Video of the Year over him.

If there is one fan base in the world you don’t want to upset, it’s the Bey Hive.

Obviously Kanye didn’t know if the fans at his Sacramento concert were supporters of Hilary Clinton or fans of Beyonce, so he had to make sure that he upset them some other way. He walked off stage after only performing 3 songs.

The good news is that the concertgoers in Sacramento will get full refunds. The bad news is Kanye cancelled his November 20th concert in Inglewood and that concert was a makeup concert! Let’s hope Kanye can try to get it back on track. As of now it doesn’t look good.


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