Janewalon zara mudke dekho mujhe – Rafi – Laxmikant-Pyarelal | Dosti (1964)


Movie: This song appears in 1964 super hit award-winning social drama Dosti (Friendship) directed by Satyen Bose and produced by Tarachand Barjatiya under the banner of Rajshri Productions. The movie starred Sudhir Kumar Sawant, Sushil Kumar Somaya, Sanjay Khan (debut), Uma Rajoo, Baby Farida, etc.

Ramnath or Ramu’s (Sushil Kumar) father dies during an accident in the factory where he worked. The factory refuses to pay compensation and Ramu loses his mother as well. He himself gets injured in an accident and loses a leg. Crippled and penniless, he is thrown out of his rented home as well. While roaming on the streets of Bombay (Mumbai now), he saves blind Mohan (Sudhir Kumar) from an accident.

Mohan is looking for his sister, who had joined a city hospital as a nurse about so that she could pay for her brother’s treatment. She had left him with a caretaker in the village. But, Mohan is washed away from his shelter by flood and thus had to leave the village.

Ramu plays the harmonica well and Mohan is a good singer. They decide to sing songs on the streets to earn money together from people passing by. This is the first song that Mohan sings with the accompaniment of Ramu’s mouth organ.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music was composed by Lakshmikant-Pyarelal. The harmonica part of the music was played by R D Burman.

The boy is trying to entertain the people on the road and requesting them not to ignore him. He says that he is also a creation of God like them. He seems dejected and desperate. Thus, he sings the song.

Video: Cinematographer is Marshall Braganza.

The video opens with Sushil Kumar playing the mouth organ, sitting on the footpath. Sudhir Kumar begins the song. The camera pans to the people on the streets. The camera comes back to shoot Sudhir Kumar again. Children run out together to listen to the song at close range. Sushil Kumar continues to play the harmonica. Many people gather around to listen to the song.

A woman comes to the balcony of her home with her hand-held child. A little girl makes space for herself to enter the circle made by people around the singer. Many people are listening to the song watching from their balconies. People nod their approval of the song and the singer. The video ends with Sudhir Kumar humming the tune and children placing coins in his hand.

Artists: The playback singer is Mohammad Rafi and the song is lip-synced by Sudhir Kumar. Sushil Kumar and others look on.

Cultural Influence: This is a friendship song – friendship between 2 differently-abled boys. They use music to earn their livelihood. This can happen in real life as well. The song is good and the video can be watched for the song.


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