The Drake vs. KD saga begins


The Drake vs. Kevin Durant beef has finally erupted:

Prior to this answer from the new Golden State Warrior, Drake had walked by and “accidentally” bumped into KD while he was being interviewed by ESPN’s Israel Gutierrez. That was after Drake spent the whole night heckling the Warriors from his court side seats where he soaked in the love showered upon him by the Toronto faithful for “Drake Night.”

There probably isn’t any real beef between Drake and KD, but some folks have beef with Drake’s actions. Bomani Jones, also of ESPN, pointed out today on his radio show, The Right Time with Bomani Jones, that it’s time for Drake to choose: you’re either a heckler or a jock rider.

You see Drake riding for the Raptors during the playoffs, yelling at Lebron James, Paul Pierce (Pierce and James won these interactions by wide margins) and raising the ire of fellow rapper Wale, a Washington Wizards fan.


BUT then we see Drake try to be part of the Kentucky basketball team’s layup line or try to get in the Heat’s locker room after they won the Finals. He just wants to be part of the team! Which is it, some are asking, are you a fan or a foe?


Basketball has always had great celebrity fans. Jack Nicholson embodies cool, lay back Los Angeles; Spike Lee is the quintessential hyperactive, never-stops-talking New Yorker; Billy Crystal went to Clippers games. The point is that however you feel about Drake his role is necessary. Is he a bit cheesy? Absolutely, but his loyalty to the Raptors is without question. Is he as cool as Spike or Jack? Not even close, but he is able to galvanize a fan base around him (even if he might run off to a different locker room once his team is eliminated). For better or for worse Drake is the best we got.

As for KD, I’m not sure he wants to start another beef with a rapper. His last beef just ended when the Based God pardoned him this summer.


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