Project Pat returns with his latest ‘Street God’ Mixtape


Project Pat is back (he never left!) with another mixtape. Concurrently he also released Dope Boy featuring Gucci Mane on November 16, 2016.

Project Pat has only released one studio album since 2011, but his mixtape game has never stopped. With the internet and the popularity and proliferation of trap music, Pat can still get his music into the hands of fans old and new without the rigmarole of releasing a studio album.

Street God 4: Tired & True is the latest in a series that Project Pat has released over the last year, the first coming at the end of 2015. The album was released on DatPiff Mobile.

Dope Boy is classic trap music without frills. The hook is nothing more than the phrase “dope boys” repeated over and over. Project Pat says I been hustlin’ since a little nig***/Came up with some hood nig***. He’s still hustling; we can assume he isn’t a dope boy anymore, but he’s hustling as hard as he ever has. You don’t release four mixtapes in one year without hard work.

Who better to have on your fourth mixtape of the year than Gucci Mane? You can check out his 2016 here, but suffice to say the dude has been busy. His verse on Dope Boy pulls no punches (I pay a penny for your thoughts and leave your brains on the asphalt) as it matches the gritty theme that Project Pat established in the first verse.

Dope Boy isn’t glamorous or over-produced or made for the club. The same fans who have been listening to Project Pat over the last 20 years will like his new release. I get the feeling he doesn’t really care if others like it or not, he’s going to keep hustling.

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